I want you.

I want you and I want to be the guy who will love you unconditionally. The one guy who’ll turn your life upside down. The one who’ll be the reason behind that cute smile and dreamy laughs. The one who runs after you when you needed someone to pick you up at the middle of the night somewhere. The one who’ll always be there wherever, whenever.  The one who perfectly molds into you when you give me that life-satisfying embrace. The only one who is right for you for no one else does.


But, I know, deep down. I am not the man you are looking for. I am different, though should have been perfect for someone as pretty and talented as you. I am here for a short time and sadly to say, I can’t stay. It’ll just hold you back until you meet that great guy you are destined to have. That great guy who will become your world and puts you to a high pedestal where you’ll stand above the normal rest like me. He is lucky. Sadly, we will never going to be right. But know, that a part of me will forever yearn to be a part of you.


I just hope you know that. For you deserve a great guy who’ll fit in perfectly for you. Maybe we could be friends and someday, I will see you two holding hands together. For now, I want you and hopefully, you can just let me stay wanting you.

I want you. Bad.


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