Please stop telling me there is no forever. It’s like ruining Christmas because there is no Santa Claus. I’ve waited so much for this so please don’t tell me that there is no happy ending. Because as much as I’ve been hurt for countless of times, I still believe that love can last… forever.

I understand why you’re bitter. I do. You’ve been broken and I hope you no longer are. You’ve been disillusioned by the idea that romance still exists and two persons can be devoted to each other. You have fallen and in the process, you’ve been shattered. But it doesn’t mean you have to be bitter for others. Don’t be. Look outside and you’ll see that love makes the world go round.

At first, I was like you. I was not sold with the idea of commitment but somewhere in the middle, he charmingly made me believed that love is beautiful, infinite and endless. That we could make it. That we could prove to the whole world that forever does exist. It does.

Maybe, you’re shuddering now. Or trembling with my sweet words and undying devotion to love. But, please, don’t make me believe otherwise. I am happy. He makes me happy. And even if happiness is not enough to survive everything the universe will throw against us, for me it is. I have him and he has me. We can beat anything.

So, I hope you can find yours. That guy who will make you believe that there is forever. That love is a risk. That no matter what the odds are, no matter what obstacles are; you’d stay strong and battle everything together. That guy who’ll make you fall in love. Again. And this time, it is really forever.


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