(A sarcastic take? Or not?)

Hell hath no fury like an uninvited fairy. That is what the tale of Maleficent supposedly seeps into our consciousness. There is a reason why it is a children’s story. We are told when our mind is untainted, when right and wrong are fed into our learning. But time and time again, we forget this damning lesson embedded in our invite-driven society.


We cry “foul” when we are socially snubbed. We weave stories to make us look like victims and gain sympathies. We transform into a vindictive, nasty, fire-breathing chameleon. But, we refuse to shed our true skin. It is after all important to be viewed by the polite society as the victim rather than the perpetuator. We play a bullshit game of weaving a vicious cycle of you-don’t-invite-me-I-will-ruin-you. Nah, ruin is too strong. But we might as well say it when we speak words against the other person with the intention of ruining how society perceives him to be. We have embraced boldly and readily a society where soft smiles and deadly whispers are customary.


Why do we forget when we should remember? It is the exclusivity of things that motivate us to live, to be perfectly happy. Why do we create circles on spaces when we claim that boundaries suffocate us? We claim invites do not matter. But, only fools believe this.


It is a proof of intelligence when we rise above trivial things (Jeffie, 2014). It is a better proof of intelligence when we know what is trivial and what is not. For how do we rise above something when we are ignorant. Hypocrisy makes us dumb. It clings like a second skin that glowed under the magnifying glass of a so-called intelligent person. At the end of the day, we are part of a society that confines us to the rules of decency. And sad to say, hypocrisy.


Social exclusion is a phenomena we much rather kill ourselves than experience the shame that comes with it. Or is it? Maybe, lets blame to our preconceived bubble of expectations with decency of people and good friendships.


A much better scholarly topic to be discussed is why do we exclude others? Life is governed by the theory of “relativity”. We are awesome relative to a lower class in the food chain. We are always superior relatively. So, why invite someone who is much better than you? Ahhhh, jealousy is incurable. Envy is the root of all destructions, of the failures of all mankind.


Madonna once said, “Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac.” So beware. One day, uninvited fairies will rise to burn our virtuous society. When that comes, you know whom to blame. No one but yourself.

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