As we end 2015, it’s important to look back and think of the things that made it wonderful. Happy 2016 everyone.

Levi Talks (Travels & Thoughts)

IMG_2376 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As I read people’s yearender posts on how amazing 2015 is, I look back to how I lived mine and reflect on the things that I’ve learned best.

I was unemployed from January to April then went back to corporate work on May 2nd only to travel to Europe from mid-October to mid-December. The carefree and easygoing wanderlust bug has gotten into me since my “residency” in the UK from 2012 to 2014. Or maybe even after that. But for today, I will talk not about the places I’ve scratched on my map but about the things that hit me the most.

1. People are generally kind.

DSC_0612_1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Believe on the kindness of people whom you will meet. I’ve talked about kindness of humanity on a separate post but I didn’t detail on how a stranger bought and gave us foods on the way…

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