Date a girl who works in DA. Date a girl whose everyday life is as interesting as a blue margarita. Date a girl who works in DA and you’d be amazed how many tons of bullshits she can tolerate. She maintains grace under pressure and manages to keep a bright smile at stupidities of people.

Date a girl who works in DA. Because she’s calm even if her insides are not. She manages to stand still amidst uproars and confusion. Date her. Because even though her life is fucked up, she knows it and dreams one day to get away from it.

When she says she is complicated. Believe her because you’ll never really understand her. When she tells you it’ll never gonna work out, don’t believe her. Just give her space and be there when she needed someone to help her untangle whatever mess she’s having. Be there.

Date a girl who works in DA. For she is stronger than a hardwood. She fixes whatever jam she is facing for a stress-free yet diet-full of life. She’s nowhere to perfection but keep her because her price tag is a premium.

Date a girl who works in DA. She pushes people around to get what she wants. If she asks the leaf to fall, make it fall. If she asks the tree to wobble, make it wobble. For she’ll never leave you unless she realizes how naïve she is or how sugary failure is. She makes up her mind with hundreds of choices and thousands of possibilities. Enjoy her because you’ll never find someone as exciting and confusing as she is.

Date a girl who works in DA, I tell you.

She’s crazy and thinks differently.

And she struggles with foolishness every single day.


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