Isn’t it poetic that you just wake up one day and realize that banana is your favorite fruit? I feel ecstatic! It is as if I looked into my self, searched into my soul and found it! It is as if all my beliefs and principles in life crumbled! This is the moment of truth! Of true happiness and great love!

I was made to believe that apple should be my favorite fruit because Snow White got her Prince Charming through an apple’s bite. A disconcerting lie fed to all of us. But now, I am free at last. Free from this illusion and pretense!

Apple is just an idea; a magical fantasy that should’ve made me a Princess to a far, far away land. But, how wonderful to know that it isn’t apple that I really like. After all this time, it is banana!

If I have the wicked Queen’s magic mirror, I’d definitely ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the greatest fruit of them all?” Surely, it won’t lie! Surely, bananas and lots of bananas would be the answer to this world’s enigma. Surely, banana is the wicked Queen’s favorite. Surely, the world is better off if everyone’s favorite is banana. Surely, Price Charming will fall to his knees and beg me to marry him…with a banana. For the answer to everything is banana.

I look at my window; the sun shines like the color of a banana. I look at my purse; it’s like the size of a banana! I look at my life; it’s as smooth as a banana. Everything I see is banana! The world is made of banana! Everything is banana! I am just foolish not to realize it! It is all over. But now, I know better! Banana, oh, banana!

*This is a sarcastic take to a friend’s change of favorite color after a break up*


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